Suppliers of all Structural Steel

Ben Staal (PTY) LTD is supplier of all structural steel products. Our alliances with the largest steel rollers and manufacturers we can supply structural steel of high quality at very competitive cost. Just to name few of the products we supply: I-Beams, Channel, Lip Channel, Square Tubing, Angle Iron and Tubing

Supplier of Any Type of Roof Sheeting and Cladding

Ben Staal (PTY) LTD offers high quality Sheeting products to all structural companies and to the public. We supply IBR Sheeting and Corrugated Sheeting nd can supply in Galvanized or Cromo-deck. All Side cladding sheeting and roof sheeting can be supplied at desired sizes.

D.I.Y Steel Structures

We have designed range of D.I.Y Steel Structures the client can buy in a kit and Install by himself. For Bigger structures we recommend making use of out onsite installers to ensure the quality and strength of the structure is not compromised.

Onsite Steel Fabrication

We at Ben Staal (PTY) LTD is market leader in the design, manufacture and Supply of all steel structures. We have a track record of hundreds of satisfied clients all over South Africa. WE have been in the market for more than 15 years and have structured a lot of clients dreams by adding quality and pride to every steel structure we have ever build and Supplied.

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